Black Masterbatch for pipe application




Black Masterbatches which bring an excellent dispersion and jetness properties with perfect Ultra Violet(UV) and weather‌‌ability characteristics for high density polyethylene Pipes and other kinds of Pipes


  • Regulated pressure pipes
  • Cold portable water pipes
  • Irrigation pipes
  • For normal water supplies which needs to meet requirements of taste and food contact properties
  • None regulated pressure pipe Applications.
  • Cable jacketing application


Available in Organo grade and normal grade black Masterbatches with purified and special type of Carbon Black inside.


Organo grade:

  • Contains Low level of Sulfur,Ash,grit and toluene extract.


Normal Grade

  • Economical grade for those applications which organoleptic property not on issue.


  • For regulated pressure pipes selecting the correct plastic grade carbon black masterbatch is critical to satisfying requirements of this application.



  • It should provide necessary Ultra Violet protection to prevent polymer degradation to extend the performance life of the pipe.
  • Low compound moisture absorption.
  • Excellent chemical and physical cleanliness.
  • Ease of dilution and homogenous mixing and therefore suitable for direct addition using in automatic dosing or by a pre‌blending method.
  • High purity Masterbatch including extremely low toluene extract and sulfur as well as low grit and ash.