Luna Black

Luna Black (controlled black masterbatch for plastic) is produced in a wide range of polymers and applications such as fibers, pipes, film and injection moulding.


Black Fiber                    

  • PP Fiber (Spun bond &Melt blown, BCF, CF, Staple Fiber)
  • PET Fiber (BCF, Staple fiber, FDY /POY/DTY/ LOY yarn and microfilament)

Black Sheet/ Film/ Tape

  • For very thin film
  • (PP/ PE/PVC/PA/PET ) Film

Black moulding

  • Special grade for organoleptic issue property.
  • Special grade for food contact
  • Special grade for color matching and tailor made colors


  • Fiber  
  • Recommended for fiber application
  • Different special types for PP, PA, PET Fiber.
  • Excellent filterability and processing behavior for filament production
  • Excellent jetness and very high loading level of black pigment.
  • Excellent consistency and fastness properties of black coloration.
  • Controlled Black masterbatch strongly recommended for film application and injection moulding and pipe application
  • Suitable for food packaging.
  • Excellent processability pigment dispersion and filter ability
  • Suitable for sheet and tape.
  • Appropriate fastness properties and excellent UV blockage.